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Perfection Fresh Specialty LineGrape - Midnight Beauty® Seedless Black Grape - Midnight Beauty® Seedless Black

Grape - Midnight Beauty® Seedless Black

Brilliant Midnight Beauty® seedless black grapes boast extremely large berries, a crisp texture and tend to be redder in colour than conventional black grapes. Midnight Beauty® seedless black grapes are a high-quality black grape variety that is simply delicious!


Midnight Beauty® seedless grapes have supersized, elongated black berries which are full bodied, crunchy and refreshingly sweet.


The antioxidants found in Midnight Beauty® seedless black grapes could protect the eyes and reduce the risk of macular degeneration, help lower cholesterol, maintain a healthy blood pressure and reduce the risk of diabetes.

- Kathryn Elliott, nutritionist

Did you know?


Midnight Beauty® was developed at Sun World International's research and development centre in California.

Serving suggestions

Magnificent ways with Midnight Beauty®:

Sauce: Pulse Midnight Beauty® grapes in a blender, add water, stock and herbs. Reduce and add a handful of fresh halved grapes. Serve with gamey meat such as duck.
Garnish: Separate grapes from the bunch and lay on a paper-lined tray and freeze. Use to top sorbets or fruit-based desserts.

Salad: Use Midnight Beauty® as the hero of a Waldorf salad with sliced red apples, walnuts and Greek-style yoghurt dressing. 


Available from December to March (Australian season).

Available from July to August (US season).

How to select

Select Midnight Beauty® grapes which have a uniform colour and fresh, plump berries and green stems. Their natural, protective coating - known as a "bloom" - should be present.

How to store

Store Midnight Beauty® grapes unwashed in the fridge in an airtight container or the bag they came in. Rinse before use and bring to room temperature.


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