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Perfection Fresh Specialty LineCucumber - Qukes® Baby Snacking Cucumber - Qukes® Baby Snacking

Cucumber - Qukes® Baby Snacking

Nature has produced the perfect serving size with Qukes® baby snacking cucumbers. Full of flavour and so convenient, Qukes® baby snacking cucumbers have revolutionised the term "healthy snacking". They are between 8.5 and 12cm long.


Super crunchy Qukes® have a crispy mild skin and a flesh with a refreshing, cleansing taste.


Qukes® baby snacking cucumbers are a source of folate, for healthy cells,  fibre and vitamin C,

Did you know?


Qukes® are the perfect partners for tomato, mint, chicken, feta, chives, fish, garlic, lemon and sour cream.

Serving suggestions

Clever tips for Qukes®:

Rolls: Try fresh Vietnamese summer rolls with sliced Qukes®, mint and vermicelli noodles for an easy working lunch.

Salsa: A lush Qukes® and mango salsa can also add a healthy and fresh take to nachos.

Snack: Simply cut in half lengthways and offer to children with a tub of natural yoghurt for a healthy after school snack.


Available from January to December.

Who’s growing this now


New South Wales grower Steve Osman of Rossmore, west of Sydney, sings the praises of Qukes® baby snacking cucumbers. "They taste great and people love how easy and convenient they are," says Steve.

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Who is Growing This Now

How to select

Select Qukes® with bright-green skins and firm, fresh appearance. Avoid those with soft spots or yellowing colour.

How to store

Qukes® can be stored in a plastic bag in the vegetable crisper for up to five days.

How to Prepare

Tip #1: Rinse under running water.

Tip #2: Slice crossways, lengthways or diagonally as desired.

Tip #3: To stuff, halve lengthways and scoop out seeds with a spoon. Fill caviities and serve.

How to Open

Where do I get it?

Qukes® baby snacking cucumbers are available all year `round at Woolworths, Coles and independent retail outlets.


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