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Carrot - Purple DutchCarrot - Purple Dutch

Carrot - Purple Dutch

Delicate and slender purple Dutch carrots are about 5-8cm long and have a distinct deep purple skin. A few centimetres of trimmed stalk remains intact. Once cut, purple Dutch carrots reveal an orange star-shaped centre - perfect for presentation. Carrots were originally purple, black, red or white until the Dutch developed orange carrots in the 17th century.


Purple Dutch carrots are sweeter than other carrots with a flavour that intensifies during roasting, baking or sautéing.


A 2010 University of Southern Queensland study found purple carrots contained up to 28 times more anthocyanins - antioxidants responsible for the purple-red pigment in fruit - than orange carrots. It also found they are high in anti-inflammatory properties responsible for improving glucose tolerance.

Did you know?


Harvesting Dutch carrots is an intricate and labour-intensive process which requires careful handling to uproot them.

Serving suggestions

Perfect ideas for purple Dutch carrots:

Salad: Julienne, steam and toss with olives, coriander, cumin and honey-mustard dressing for a Moroccan-style salad.

Side: Leaving stalks intact, braise in soy sauce, Chinese five spice powder and brown sugar.

Roast: With stalks attached, drizzle with maple syrup, herbs and garlic and roast until tender.


Available from January to December.


Who’s growing this now


Queensland's Tim Linnan of Lake Clarendon in the Lockyer Valley harvests around 250,000 bunches of Dutch carrots a year. Three generations of the Linnan family work on the farm producing these and other vegies.

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Who is Growing This Now

How to select

Purple Dutch carrots are sold by the bunch with about eight to 10 per bunch. Choose fresh, ripe and bright coloured Dutch carrots with fresh looking and firm stalks.

How to store

Store purple Dutch carrots in the crisper section of the fridge.

How to Prepare

Tip # 1: To glaze, blanch whole in boiling water for two minutes. Drain, refresh and toss in honey, button and seasoning.

Tip #2: To roast, cut diagonally into slices, sprinkle with thyme and roast slowly.

Tip #3: To juice, put whole purple Dutch carrots through a juicer for a super healthy and delicious drink.

How to Open

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