Baby Fennel

Sweet notes of aniseed


Baby Fennel

There’s no herb quite like Baby Fennel. Its cleansing crunch sings with flavours of sweet aniseed and subtle liquorice overtures. We grow it right here in Australia where it’s hand-picked to size and fills the fields with heady, aniseed aromas. Snip the feathery tops and decorate your dishes with baby-fine fronds.


Baby Fennel bulbs are slightly sweeter in their aniseed flavour, while their leaves carry a distinct taste.


Keep your Baby Fennel sealed up and in your fridge.

Health Benefits

Helps you fight off those cold and flu vibes with bursts of vitamin C, and leaves rich in vitamin A.

Picking Perfection

Choose your Baby Fennel with a crisp, pale bulb and firm, fresh, feathery leaves.