The Taste Of Broccolini®

Sweet, tender & entirely edible

Imagine a mix of Broccoli and Chinese kale. It's mild, sweet and tender with a slight peppery edge. And not only is it completely delicious, it's also entirely edible, nothing to cut, nothing to waste.

The Benefits Of Broccolini®

Cooked in minutes, packed with nutrients

Broccolini® isn't just a delicious stand out but it's quick and easy no waste veg! Its filled with potassium for a happy heart, immunity-boosting vitamin C, and beta-carotene for healthy skin.

Broccolini® Flavour Pairings Of Broccolini®

Flavours that will make your dish sing

Stir-fry with a little garlic and ginger & drizzle over a sweet chilli dressing for a simple yet delicious side.

Recipes with Broccolini®

Try Broccolini® in these delicious dishes

Broccolini® Farms

Broccolini® is Grown in Australia by passionate farmers

We've established our very own Perfection growing facilities across the country and have partnered with Australia's finest growers. So our Broccolini® is farm fresh and flavour perfect all year round.


Broccolini® Seasonality Chart


Broccolini® Baby Broccoli

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Broccolini® Baby Broccoli

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