Bambino® Sweet Baby Cabbage

Teeny leaves with a sweet crunch


Bambino® Sweet Baby Cabbage

The new perfectly sized salad cabbage. Bambino® sweet baby cabbage merges the best qualities of cabbage and lettuce. Simple and crisp as lettuce, with the firm texture and health qualities as cabbage. Bambino® sweet baby cabbage is a tornado of leaves curled together. Unfurl the leaves for a sweet, crunchy bite – perfection in salads, snacks and light meals.


A cone of curled pages waiting to be unravelled. Bambino® sweet baby cabbage stand out features includes its balanced mild flavour that is sweeter than a cabbage and as crisp and juicy as lettuce.


Bambino® baby cabbage is best kept dry and refrigerated in its original packaging. Thoroughly wash with cold water right before consumption.

Perfect Pairs

The perfect ingredient for a light meal or used as a carb replacement. Bambino® sweet baby cabbage also brings cabbage into the world of entertaining and snacking. Fill it with your favourite dip and cold meats or toss it in a stir fry.

Picking Perfection

For assured perfect sweet crunchy leaves, look for fresh, firm and unwilted green leaves.