Tree tops of tender, crunchy leaves



Studies have shown even kids like broccoli -as long as cooking keeps it crunchy. Cut florets and steam for five minutes.

One of the most versatile veggies around, Broccoli represents everything that’s good in life. Crisp and tender to taste, it made its way from the Mediterranean to Italy back in the 1500s. Today, we grow it on home soil, in Australia, to create the most succulent of stems and lushest florets. A wonderful way to brighten your meals and awaken your appetite.


Crisp and tender whether cooked or raw. Kids love it best when it’s cooked and crunchy.


Keep it wrapped and refrigerated to last up to several days.

Health Benefits

Broccoli is filled with only the good stuff, like immuno-boosting vitamin C. It’s also low in salt and fat.

Picking Perfection

Choose the tight, green florets and firm, fresh, moist stalks. Test its weight – it should feel heavy for its size.