Get lost in a forest of flavour



Broccolini® baby broccoli was introduced to Australia by Perfection Fresh in 1999 and is now grown in five states.

Imagine a mix of Broccoli and Chinese kale. It’s mild, peppery, sweet and tender. And not only is it completely delicious, it’s also entirely edible – nothing to cut, nothing to waste. That’s our Broccolini®. We’ve been growing and sharing it in Australia since 1999. When we first tasted it at a farmers’ market in Japan, we were blown away. And we know you will be too.


Mild with a subtly peppery finish that sweetens when cooked.


Store sealed in your fridge and cook within a few days of purchase.

Perfect Pairs

Batter your Broccolini® and deep fry it for a delicious snack with dipping sauces. Also excellent grilled and stir-fried.

Health Benefits

Filled with potassium for a happy heart, immunity-boosting vitamin C, and beta-carotene for healthy skin.