Bambino® Baby Brussels Sprouts

Sweet green baby buttons


Bambino® Baby Brussels Sprouts

Baby Brussels sprouts hold their shape, retain their colour and remain furled after cooking due to their dense leaves.

Get ready to rumble with these roly-poly Bambino® Baby Brussels Sprouts. Like happy, heart-lifting bobbles of mischief. Steam them, fry them, throw them into your favourite dishes. Chase them onto your fork to discover a world of mild, sweet cabbage flavour hidden within.


Bambino® Baby Brussels are tender, mild and sweet. The smaller the yummier!


Keep them in their punnet and store in your fridge crisper. Gobble them up within the first few days.

Health Benefits

Filled with good health like cell-stimulating folate (folic acid), immuno-boosting vitamin C, vitamin K for strong bones and more.

Picking Perfection

Pick them when they’re firm, compact and a joyous bright green.