Minicaps® baby capsicums

Colourful, crunchy and sweetened by sun


Minicaps® baby capsicums

Since they are virtually seedless, tiny Vine Sweet Minicaps® are entirely edible, convenient - and no waste!

As they say, great things come in small packages. Like these sweet, crunchy Baby Capsicums. They look like a chilli, but carry none of the heat – we promise! Prepare for a splash of bright, sun-drenched sweetness with plenty of juicy crunch. Ripened with warm rays and barely a seed in sight. Crack them open and sink your teeth in.


Vine-ripened under the Aussie sun for plenty of sweet, crunchy flavour.


Store them in your fridge to keep them crisp and crunchy for up to seven days.

Health Benefits

They’re packed with vitamin C to strengthen your immune system, as well as cholesterol-fighting niacin and cell-boosting folate.

Picking Perfection

Our Minicaps® are at their best when they’re fresh, glossy and taut. Happy munching!