Floating on creamy white clouds



Versatile cauliflower is equally at home in smooth, creamy purées as it is cooked in the heavy spices of Indian cuisine.

The pale, creamy cousin of cabbage and broccoli, Cauliflower sports a head of fluffy, white florets that are hard to miss. To keep those pretty clusters pale, we apply plenty of sun protection in the field, hiding the heads beneath a canopy of leaves. Steam, fry or roast your Cauliflower to release its milky sweet flavour, complete with nutty overtures.


Subtly sweet with a hint of nutty flavour. Heavenly smooth and super creamy when pureed.


Refrigerate sealed in paper or plastic, stem-side down to reduce moisture within the floret.

Perfect Pairs

Cauliflower is extremely versatile. Pulse it up to make a yummy gluten free pizza base. It’s also an excellent carb-free substitute to rice.

Picking Perfection

Look for the cleanest, creamiest white head with compact clusters. Cauliflowers with thick green leaves will be fresher.