Soft turnip texture with sparky Celery spritz



Celeriac grows flowery leaves above ground and a large cream-coloured bulb half in, half out of the ground.

The shy cousin of Celery, Celeriac spends most of its life hiding underground. Whilst nestled in its cosy hidey-hole, it grows a gnarled, beige-cream bulb. Humble in appearance, this edible root has a unique taste-texture combination. Rich and smooth on the tongue – much like a potato, yet flavoured with a zesty celery-parsley spritz. Bring on the flavour discovery!


A mild, rich texture infused with flavours of fresh celery and parsley.


Remove the stalks of your Celeriac and refrigerate for up to five days.

Perfect Pairs

Delicious when boiled and mashed with butter, milk and Dijon mustard. Or serve it cold as a side, peeled and dressed with a spicy vinaigrette.


Our specialist growers bring their Celeriacs to the surface during April to October.