Crunchy stalks that whistle with tart tang



Celery as we know it developed from European wild celery, and is a member of the parsley family.

You’ll go crazy for the refreshing crunch of Celery. Developed from European Wild Celery, these thick, green, flavoursome bunches are bursting with vitality. Their pale fluted stems are reservoirs of moisture, filled with a tart, refreshing tang. Topped with a joyous flourish of edible leaves.


Walk on the wild side with a tart, tangy flavour that finishes with a refreshingly watery aftertaste.


Keep your Celery refrigerated and, for the freshest crunch, store sealed in a plastic container.

Health Benefits

A healthy heart champion, Celery is rich in potassium which helps to keep that blood pressure in check.

Picking Perfection

Choose your Celery with crisp, pale green stalks and bouncy, fresh leaves.