Qukes® baby cucumbers

Our coolest, freshest, crunchiest creation


Qukes® baby cucumbers

Qukes® are the perfect partners for tomato, mint, chicken, feta, chives, fish, garlic, lemon and sour cream.

It’s the little things in life that count. Like these gorgeously crunchy Qukes® baby cucumbers. Full of sun sweetened flavour with a cool, cleansing crunch. They’re a quick getaway on a long day. Their adorable, snackable size makes them a delicious go-to for rumbling stomachs and hungry little hands.


Extra crunchy with a crisp, mild skin that’s offset by a refreshing, cleansing flavour.


Store your Qukes® in their packaging in the fridge or vegetable crisper for up to five days.

Health Benefits

A great source of folate for healthy cells, as well as fibre and vitamin C.

Perfect Pairs

Slice them fresh and combine with mint and vermicelli noodles for yummy Vietnamese summer rolls.