Telegraph Cucumbers

Cool crunch with a hint of sweet discovery


Telegraph Cucumbers

Telegraph cucumbers can measure up to 45cm and are often wrapped in plastic to protect their soft skin.

These statuesque Cucumbers are tall, thin and topped with a distinctive green ‘hook’. Cool and calming on the palette, embrace the subtle crunch of their sweet seeds. Serve them up in salads and salsas. Crunch through their delightfully thick green skins, or peel for a soft, refreshing snack.


The secret to their sweetness is all in the seeds. Entirely edible, skins and all.


Refrigerate in a sealed, perforated bag and eat it up within the first few days.

Perfect Pairs

Delicious in salads and salsas, and a cool match to a hot curry when diced and mixed with natural yoghurt.

Picking Perfection

Look for bright, green skins and a firm, fresh appearance. Say no to soft spots or yellowing colour.