A serenade of soft, creamy flavour



The act of salting and rinsing eggplant to reduce bitterness prior to cooking is called "degorging."

A dark, passionate shade of purple, it’s hard not to fall for the Eggplant. Its plump, glossy skin hides a pale, firm flesh that softens when cooked. Chinese by origin and a staple of Mediterranean cuisine, this exotic fruit (yes, fruit!), boasts beauty and depth. Soft and creamy one moment, rich and meaty the next. Let the flavour discovery begin.


The smaller the eggplant the milder the taste, the larger – the richer and meatier. Grill or roast it to release its full flavour.


Refrigerate in a perforated bag for several days. Once blanched or steamed, freeze for up to six months.

Perfect Pairs

Eggplants are delicious when stuffed – scoop out the flesh and fill with spicy lamb mince or rice, then bake.

Health Benefits

The picture of health, Eggplants are a great source of dietary fibre, fat-free, salt-free and low in kilojoules.