Palette cleansing with a liquorice twist



You can make fine shavings of fennel by using a vegetable peeler to slice from the base to the top.

A cleansing crunch filled with aniseed undertones and a hint of liquorice. This fabulous concoction of flavours will have your tastebuds shooting for the stars. Shred or shave your way through the bobbing white bulb and finely chop the feathery crest. A truly versatile veggie, couple it with complementary flavours like Apple or Onion.


You’ll find the Fennel’s leaves carry a distinct aniseed or liquorice-like taste, while the bulb is more mellow in flavour.


Refrigerate your Fennel in a closed container so it doesn’t absorb other flavours.


Fennel comes out to play from April to September every year. Let the games begin!

Picking Perfection

Look for the firm, crisp, pale bulbs with extra feathery, fresh leaves.