Plump Pocket of Silky Sweetness



Producers agree that figs - including lovely La Bella Figura® - are one of the most difficult and delicate fruits to grow.

Satiny and soft with just a hint of sweet seedy crunch. Our Figs are the prima donna of fruits – difficult and delicate to grow. But the hard work is worth it. They’re among the oldest and sweetest of fruits. Split open these luscious pockets to reveal smooth, satin-sweet perfection within. A palm-full of flavour discovery.


Our Figs are multi-faceted in flavour, combining silk soft flesh with smooth skin and sweet, crunchy seeds.


Keep your Figs extra cold in your fridge for up to two days. Bring them to room temperature for serving.


You’ll find Figs are at their sweetest during December to May.

Picking Perfection

Master the art of sweet-and-savoury. Pair your fresh Figs with salty prosciutto, or grill them with Gorgonzola.