Fresh Prepared Platters

Bursting with fresh flavours, make entertaining a breeze with these tasty freshly prepared platters


Fresh Prepared Platters

Our richly detailed platters are brimming with freshly prepared quality fruits & vegetables & paired with complimenting condiments. A saving grace for quick & easy entertaining.


Crunchy carrots, juicy, sweet snacking tomatoes, fresh, crispy Qukes®, Super sweet strawberries and more – our platters have it all.


For a delightful grazing experience, keep your platter refrigerated until you’re ready to enjoy!

Perfect Pairs

Pair your platters with fresh delicatessen meats, smoked salmon and artisan bread for a complete antipasto platter.

Health Benefits

Healthy entertaining at its best. Our assortment of fresh fruits and vegetables contain a multitude of vitamins and minerals for good health.