Hass Avocado

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Hass Avocado

Natures butter – with a mild nutty flavour and the flesh like a creamy velvet that blankets your tastebuds. It’s versatility makes it a popular choice for many cuisines sweet & savoury.


Hass avocados have a mild nutty flavour which is smooth and creamy in texture


Store your avocado at room temperature. Check your avo is ready by trying to remove the stem – if you can’t then leave it and if you can look for a light green colour underneath for the just ripe avo.

Perfect Pairs

Endless possibilities includes a vegan chocolate mousse; in a salad with prawn, Calypso® Mango & a simple honey vinaigrette, and of course a Mexican guacamole.

Health Benefits

Rich in healthy fats, the avo is the only fruit that contains heart healthy monounsaturated fat. Containing many vitamins & minerals, avos are particularly rich in B vitamins for cell metabolism & Vitamin K for good blood health.