Leafy rings of lively onion flavour



The white and pale green edible parts of the leek plant is a bundle of leaf sheaths sometimes also called a stem or stalk.

Tall, stout and densely leafed. Leek might look like a giant green stalk, but is in fact an onion. Its bright white body is by far its best attribute. Singing with mild, oniony tang and serenading with subtle garlic base notes. A concert of flavours for your home cooked dishes.


Prepare to be charmed by the Leek’s sweet, mild onion taste, complete with hints of garlic.


Your Leeks are best kept bagged or sealed in your refrigerator.

Perfect Pairs

Leeks come to life when braised in a little butter and oil with baby Brussels sprouts, carrots and peas.

Picking Perfection

Choose them clean and firm with undamaged tops. Avoid darkened, dried roots and wrinkled, wilted leaves.