Baby Endive Lettuce

Bitter sparks of sweet temptation


Baby Endive Lettuce

A fine-leafed variety of endive, baby endive is also sometimes known as frisee. Its leaves curl and wilt quickly when cooked.

A ruffled tutu of tasty green leaves. The feathery fronds of the Baby Endive Lettuce are dancing with green vitality and delicately sharp flavour. The best kind of bitter you can get. It’s grown to size so you can chop, wash and serve with no waste. A lovely balance to those sweeter salad greens, and a pleasantly punchy addition to cooked dishes.


When raw it has a uniquely sharp flavour with a bitter edge, and is much milder when cooked.


Store this Lettuce live-wire in your fridge crisper.

Perfection Pairs

Sauté in olive oil with a little garlic and watch as its ruffled leaves curl and wilt.

Picking Perfection

Your Baby Endive should look colourful and fresh with long, green, firm leaves that reveal a pale underside.