Iceberg Lettuce

Cannonballs of crisp crunch


Iceberg Lettuce

Iceberg lettuce belongs to the crisphead group defined by their heading growth habit, central stem and a dense core.

A picnic’s worth of sunny flavour with fresh summery crackle. Eating Iceberg Lettuce is like having lunch in the park – every single day. Filled with springy crunch, its leaves are lush with moisture and mild to taste. Eat them whole, in generous sized scoops. Or shred them up and spread the love.


A refreshingly mild taste followed closely by a crispy after-crunch.


Your Iceberg Lettuce is best stored refrigerated, in a plastic bag or sealed container.

Health Benefits

Packed with health-boosting fibre and folate, and an extra low kilojoule count of 85 kJs per lettuce head.

Picking Perfection

It should feel heavy for its size, firm to touch and wrapped in fresh looking leaves.