Treviso™ Radicchio Lettuce

Peppery petals with a crispy crunch


Treviso™ Radicchio Lettuce

Treviso™ radicchio is harvested in the morning to ensure its unique character, form and flavour is retained.

If you like your lettuce with zesty spirit, then you’ll love these firm, crunchy petals with their slightly bitter bite. An Italian delicacy, the Treviso™ radicchio’s long, magenta leaves and creamy white veins make for the perfect salad scoop. Especially when matched with a delicious dip. Combine them with fresh, sweet salad flavours to offset their peppery spark.


A slightly bitter yet surprisingly nutty flavour that mellows when grilled, roasted or slow-cooked.


Best stored in your fridge. If the leaves begin to wilt, stand the root in a glass of water.


Keep an eye out for the Treviso™ radicchio during May to September.

Picking Perfection

Choose your Treviso™ radicchio to be fresh, colourful and firm, without a spot or blemish in sight.