Baby Cos Heart

Fresh green gem with thirst-quenching crunch


Baby Cos Heart

Sweet Gems™ baby cos are picked between 6-10am to ensure the cool of the morning keeps them fresh.

This is everything you need to quench your crunchy salad craving. Our Baby Cos Lettuce Hearts are specially bred to deliver a delightfully sweet flavour with a fresh, crisp finish. And they’re grown perfectly to size for a single serve salad. Wash them, chop them and toss them to create a colourful fanfare of salad flavours.


Get ready for a crisp, crunchy texture that’s sweeter than your regular Cos Lettuce.


Keep your Baby Cos in its pack and store in the crisper section of your fridge.

Picking Perfection

Your Baby Cos should have crisp leaves and a firm stem end which is pale green in colour.


A hidden barbecue gem, cut your Baby Cos down the middle and sprinkle with extra virgin olive oil. Season and grill lightly.