Calypso® Mangoes

Sweet Cheeks With a Golden Glow


Calypso® Mangoes

More flesh, less seed! That’s what our Calypso® mangoes are all about. The golden daughter of a Kensington Pride and Sensation Mango, the Calypso® takes the best of both varieties. Pure, juicy sweetness with a soft, fibre-free flesh. A smaller seed and a plump, blushing cheek. What a charm to eat!


A firm, fibre-free flesh with a small seed, so there’s loads of juicy flavour to serve in your salads, purees, chutneys and sauces.


Best kept at room temperature in a cool spot. Keep it separate from your bananas so it doesn’t over-ripen.


Boom season is October to March, so use those summer months well and eat as many as possible!

Perfect Pairs

Perfect on pavlova or thinly sliced on pancakes. For a savoury snack, skewer with cooked prawns.

Did you know Calypso® mangoes are a nutrition Super Fruit: Find out more

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How to know when your Calypso® Mango is ripe?