Keitt Mango

Like a tangy, beachside breeze


Keitt Mango

The Keitt mango is a late-season cultivar which originated in south Florida, in the United States.

Hailing from the warm sun-streaked shores of Florida, US, the Keitt Mango first landed in Australia in 1979. Thin of seed and dripping in sweet mango juices with a subtle lemony tang. You’ll instantly recognise them for their brilliant rainbow of ripening colours. Warming from fresh greenish hues to a ripe red glow.


Not a fibre in sight, so there’s just firm, sweet, slightly tangy flesh to be savoured. With a hint of lemony zing.


Leave your Mango out of the fridge to warm up and ripe, before storing it cold for up to a few days.

Health Benefits

Can you feel a cold coming on? This is a great fruit to boost your immunity thanks to vitamins C, E and the beta-carotene-converting vitamin A.

Picking Perfection

Head for the ripest, freshest Mangoes with a tropical scent, a full colour, and firm skin that gives slightly under the fingertips.