Kensington Pride Mangoes

A trip to the tropics in one taste


Kensington Pride Mangoes

The Kensington Pride was discovered in Bowen, Queensland, and has been known as Bowen, Bowen Special or Kensington.

The golden goose of Mangoes. This hot headed honey loves the humid climes of tropical north Queensland. Fondly called the Bowen Mango after its home-town of Bowen. It bronzes beautifully to a deep blushing orange – a sensory overload of fresh, citric aromas and deep, full-bodied sweetness. Sink those teeth in and lose track of time.


The rich, fibreless yellow flesh of the Kensington Pride Mango is full-bodied in sweetness with a slight tang.


The perfect Mango is ripened at room temperature and then stored in the fridge – but only for a few days!


You’ll be in prime Kensington Pride time from October to January. Don’t waste a minute… or a month!

Picking Perfection

Head for the ripest, freshest Mangoes with a tropical scent, a full colour, and firm skin that gives slightly under the fingertips.