Pearl Mangoes

Bountiful Firm Fleshed Cheeks


Pearl Mangoes

The firm fleshed nature of Pearl mangoes means they hold their shape well when cubed, diced or cut into wedges.

A precious pearl of a Mango. Its flecked skin and firm cheeks make it a delicacy among Mango eaters. And it’s generous in its bounty, offering cheeks laden with silky smooth flesh. Filled with a tangy, juicy flavour that will have your eyes rolling back in pure bliss.


Luscious, firm, fresh and sweet, Pearl Mangoes are one of our juiciest Mango discoveries.


Let your Mangoes ripen at room temperature and then, once ripe, refrigerate for up to a few days.


Look out February because the Pearl Mango is here. Use your window well and eat as many as possible!

Perfect Pairs

Blend your Pearl Mango with Strawberries for a rich, sweet, super healthy smoothie. It’s a match made in heaven.