R2E2 Mango

Spicy mango madness dripping with sugar and spice


R2E2 Mango

The average weight of an R2E2 is 600g. The flesh of a large, 240g mango contains approximately 400kJ (95 calories).

A cocktail of mild, sweet and spicy flavours. You’ll be ordering a second round before you’re finished the first. Always blushing, this intriguing mid-season Mango turns a shade of ravishing red. Its firm, non-fibrous flesh is a golden yellow syrup on the senses. Bottoms up!


They might look big and bold but these Mangoes are full of mild, sweet flavour with a spicy undertone.


Ripen your Mango at room temperature before refrigerating for up to a few days.


You’ll find R2E2 Mangoes are in full blush between November to February.

Perfect Pairs

Fire up the barbecue and grill your R2E2s flesh-side down, with skin still intact.