Mix-a-mato® tomatoes

A luscious carnival of colour


Mix-a-mato® tomatoes

All Mix-a-mato® tomatoes are grown under one glasshouse roof in South Australia.

Brighten up your meals with this rainbow of sensational sweetness. Grown in our Perfection tomato glasshouse, we’ve lavished them with loads of tender, loving care, so they’re blooming with colourful beauty. And bursting with a full mouth-watering fiesta of flavour.


A medley of red, yellow, brown and green Tomatoes ranging in flavour from super sweet to deep and rich.


Store these beauties at room temperature and shield them from direct sunlight to help them ripen to perfection.

Health Benefits

This carnival of colourful Tomatoes is guilt-free. Rich in natural antioxidants and low in energy, kilojoules, calories, fat and sugars.

Picking Perfection

Pick the pack with the plumpest, brightest tomatoes which are free of blemishes and soft spots.