Cup Mushrooms

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Cup Mushrooms

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, 88 per cent of consumers love mushrooms in a stir-fry!

If there was ever an unsung hero it would be the Cup Mushroom. Oozing with warm, earthy vibes and deliciously firm on first bite. They’re the most common of white Mushrooms, but oh so special. With rave reviews from customers across Australia – they’re the people’s choice and stir-fry classic.


Cup Mushrooms are full bodied in flavour and firm in texture.


Store them in a brown paper bag on the bottom shelf of your fridge. And eat as quickly as possible!

Health Benefits

While they may be grown in the dark, Button Mushrooms are a great source of vitamin D which you usually receive from sunshine.

Picking Perfection

Hunt out the Cup Mushrooms with a firm, slightly shiny surface and uniform colour.