Flat Mushrooms

A canopy of lush white lily pads


Flat Mushrooms

Flat, cup and button mushrooms are all the same variety picked at different stages of development.

They may be flat, but they’re full of robust flavour. The Flat Mushroom is the head of the white Mushroom family, being the most mature of its Button and Cup Mushroom mates. It leaves an earthy, robust impression on the palette, complemented by a rich, meaty density. Delicious when stuffed, barbecued or served grilled in a salad.


A robust flavour with a dense, meaty texture, you’ll find Flat Mushrooms similar to field mushrooms.


Store them in a brown paper bag on the bottom shelf of your fridge. And eat as quickly as possible!

Perfect Pairs

Flat Mushrooms are a flexible lot – serve them stuffed, barbecued, or grilled in a warm salad.

Picking Perfection

Select your Flat Mushrooms with a firm, slightly shiny surface and uniform colour.