Petite Tomatoes™

Bright, petite and ever so sweet


Petite Tomatoes™

Pretty as a picture, our Petite Tomatoes™ are sweetness itself. We first introduced them to our Australian customers in 1999, and they’ve been a hit ever since. Bite into their delicate, thin skin to receive a heady burst of robust tomato flavour with a delightfully sweet aftertaste. A moreish snack for peckish adults. A great mess-free munch for little squirts.


Our Petite Tomatoes™ remain the sweetest of all tiny tomatoes thanks to their low acid content.


Store your Petite Tomatoes™ at room temperature so they’re sweet and juicy from first bite.

Perfect Pairs

Thread them with meats, cheese or veggies for savoury skewers, or use them to decorate your tarts, quiches and pies.

Picking Perfection

Choose the brightest, glossiest Petite Tomatoes™. Don’t forget to check your punnet from top to bottom!