A Hive of Juicy Red Rubies



Pomegranates grow on trees which produce pink-red blossoms in spring, up to seven months before harvest.

The Valentine of all fruits. Dripping with sparkling seeds of ruby red. The Pomegranate blossoms in spring, soaking up the summer warmth to mature into a ripe red fruit. Crack open the skin to reveal its deep red heart, dripping with tart sweet juice. Scoop out the seeds and scatter them across your salads and dessert dishes. An exotic Middle Eastern fruit just waiting to be discovered!


You’ll find the seeds to be sweet yet tart with rich raspberry, blackcurrant and juicy grape undertones. Skip the bitter edge of the white pith.


Store your Pomegranates in a cool spot, or refrigerate. They should last for several weeks.


Pick your Pomegranates between April to October when they’re in full, red ripe bloom.

Picking Perfection

Look for the smooth, large fruit that feels lovely and heavy when weighed in one hand.