Perfection Raspberries

Clouds of Blushing Beauty


Perfection Raspberries

Lusciously soft with a lightening-quick zing. Our exclusive variety of Raspberries are like cushy clouds of mouth-melting bliss. They hail all the way from the Netherlands, where we first discovered their tantalising tang. One bite and we were hooked! So we brought these vivacious beauties home to Australia, where we now grow them exclusively for you.


Blossoming with cane-ripened sweetness, they are fresh and tangy when raw, intensely sweet when cooked.


Handle these delicate berries with care. Refrigerate them in their punnet, and keep them dry to reduce wastage. Freeze for prolonged preserving.

Perfect Pairs

Serve them for breakfast over Weetbix or muesli, juice them with your favourite fruits, or pair them with salted caramel sauce – sweet indulgence.

Health Benefits

Health alert! You’ll be enriched and strengthened in a single bite thanks to a long list of goodies including antioxidants, iron, magnesium, potassium and zinc.