A field of fresh onion flavours



The white roots of green shallots have a stronger onion flavour than the green shoots - perfect for flavouring soups!

The grassiest of onion shoots, Shallots are tall, green and willowy. A cousin to the Leek, Garlic, Spring Onion and Chive, Shallots are perhaps the tallest poppy in the allium family. From the bottom of their bell-like white bulbs to the top of their hollow tube-like leaves. Chop, slice or shred them to release their heady, oniony flavour.


The smaller the shallot the milder the flavour. For a stronger Onion and Garlic taste, pick them big and strong.


Wrap your shallots nice and snug in a paper towel, store them in your fridge crisper.

Health Benefits

While their taste is distinctly savoury, Shallots are an excellent source of vitamin C. Your immune system will love them!

Picking Perfection

They should be firm and heavy, not dry and light. Pick them young – sprouting Shallots are a sure sign of old age.