Toma’muse ® Tomatoes

A Rich Burgundy Embrace


Toma’muse ® Tomatoes

Dive into the deep, savoury depths of this complex and versatile tomato. Firm and fleshy with a juicy, fruity start. Take the time to savour its bold intensity. A multi-tasking tomato that is the perfect accompaniment to just about any meal.


Slightly fruity but with bold base notes. Eat them raw or roasted to release those deep savoury aromas.


Store your Toma’muse® tomatoes at room temperature to maintain their bold rich flavour.

Perfect Pairs

Impressive in a gourmet platter decorated with olives, pickled jalapeño, prosciutto, wood-fired bread and marinated feta.

Picking Perfection

Look for glossy plump fruit with rich burgundy tones and subtle flecks of olive green.