Cherry Tomatoes

Punnets full of cheery, cherry reds


Cherry Tomatoes

Tomatoes are botanically a fruit but thought of as a vegetable because they are most often used in savoury dishes.

A treasure chest of gleaming red rubies. Pop them in your mouth for a burst of satisfying sweetness. Our Cherry Tomatoes are a modern day delicacy with exotic Central American ties. Originating in Mexico over 2000 years ago, we’ve brought them to Australia to grow and perfect. They add sweet, colourful pizzazz to your salads, and give your sauces that extra tantalising taste.


Juicy sweet and rosy red, our Cherry Tomatoes are one of the most snackable Tomatoes out there.


Keep your Cherry Tomatoes stored at room temperature so they’re bursting with ripe, sweet flavour.

Picking Perfection

Pick them when they’re bright red and eat them straight away. Or select them in pale pink and let them slowly ripen.

Perfect Pairs

These little wonders are delicious when roasted whole and served in pasta. Squash them softly before serving, to release their sweet, juicy flavours.