Premium Gourmet Tomatoes

A happy, hearty meal-time staple


Premium Gourmet Tomatoes

The tomato - the most widely consumed fruit or vegetable in the world - is a frequent purchase for Australian consumers.

Bright, glossy baubles of firm juicy flesh. And molten red mouthfuls of sweet intensity. The Gourmet Premium Tomato is the indispensable ingredient to almost every home made dish. And it’s one of the most widely consumed vegetables in the world. Eat them with gusto – a glowing river of golden red juice.


Filled with classic, soul-warming Tomato flavour, these will fast become a family favourite.


Keep your Tomatoes at room temperature in a cool, sun-free zone to help them ripen to flavour perfection.

Perfect Pairs

Slow-roasted Tomatoes taste like heaven. Halve them and bake face-down with a garlic clove and fresh rosemary.

Picking Perfection

Pick up the plump, bright red tomatoes without a blemish or soft spot in sight.