Grape Kumato® Tomatoes

As rich and dark as the night’s sky


Grape Kumato® Tomatoes

THE RIPENING AND READY TO EAT STAGES OF KUMATO Firm + Flavourful: The bottom of the tomato has a brown colouring with strong green shoulders. Flavour is great at this stage and it slices beautifully. Firm + Juicy + Very Flavourful: Deep brown colour with hints of green, especially near shoulders. This is when the Kumato® is at its most ideal eating stage. Soft + Very Juicy + Very Mild Flavour: Colour changes from deep brown to dark red with almost no green colour. Kumato® is sweet and ripe and great for cooking.

Complex in character yet deliciously charming. The Grape Kumato® is the smaller, cuter version of its full-size sister, the Kumato® tomato. Its origins are somewhat exotic, hailing from 1970s Europe. It’s the colourful offspring of a wild and domestic tomato-cross. Grown right here in Australia, it’s a good looking garnish packed with rich, robust flavour. The perfect date to skewers, salads and small snacks.


Get ready for a strong, distinctively sweet flavour that will subtly change as the tomato darkens.


Store your Grape Kumatos® at room temperature. They’ll keep best for up to two days.

Health Benefits

They’re low in acid and high in body strengthening supplements like iron and calcium. As well as a healthy hit of vitamins C and A.

Picking Perfection

Brown in colour means they’re firm and flavourful; deep brown with hints of green indicates a firm, juicy flavour; deep brown to dark red is soft, juicy and mild.