Truss Tomatoes

The ripe, red heart of home cooking


Truss Tomatoes

A 'truss' is the branch of flowers on a tomato plant. The flowers develop into tomatoes.

Packed with soul-warming sweetness fed fresh from the vine. Our Truss Tomatoes are as close to perfection as you can get. We’ve nurtured them into full, red bloom ‘on the branch’. So they’re rich in nutrients and full of flavour. One bite and you’ll quickly realise, they’re the secret ingredient to your favourite home made meals.


Truss Tomatoes are not only juicy, they’re deliciously sweet to perfectly offset your most savoury dishes.


Store them at room temperature, away from the sun, so they can ripen to flavour perfection.

Health Benefits

Our Truss Tomatoes are rich in lycopene, the magic antioxidant that gives them their intense red colour.

Perfect Pairs

A delicious base flavour for pasta sauce, dice them and cook with garlic, onion, herbs and seasoning.