Sweet Solanato® Tomatoes

Drops of dazzling snackable sweetness


Sweet Solanato® Tomatoes

Sweet Solanato™ tomatoes have an extraordinary high bloom - bright red colour - and glossiness which is retained throughout their growing cycle.

The glossiest, most glamorous of Grape Tomatoes. These Sweet Solanato® tomatoes are ballooning with high sugar sweetness. They’ve been exclusively bred to deliver top tomato flavour in one tiny bite. Dangle your fingertips among these dazzling red drops. Bite through their thin skins for a juicy squirt of sweet tomato nectar.


A natural combination of acidity and high sugar makes for a full tomato burst with sweet aftertaste.


Store your Sweet Solanato™ tomatoes at room temperature until ready to eat.

Health Benefits

Packing a potent antioxidant punch which gives them their rich red colour, and helps boost your health.

Picking Perfection

They’re at their most flavoursome when deep red in colour and consistent in size, shape and quality.