Grape Tomatoes

Ruby red and ready to pop


Grape Tomatoes

The Original™ grape tomatoes tend not to squirt when bitten into, making them ideal for children.

Subtly sweet and ready to rumble, these may just be the juiciest, rubiest red tomatoes around. They’re a Mexican delicacy that dates back over 2000 years. We love them so much, we’ve brought them home to grow right here in Australia. Plunder them by the punnet. From the precious thumb-sized poppies to the golf ball-sized lucky strikes! They’ll brighten your salads and sweeten your sauces.


Round, red and juicy, Grape Tomatoes are bursting with a super snackable, sweet tang.


Keep them stored at room temperature so they’re popping with ripe, sweet flavour.

Health Benefits

Talk about a health kick! High in cancer-fighting phytochemicals like antioxidants and lycopene.

Picking Perfection

For instant flavour perfection, select them when they’re bright red. Or pick them in pale pink for future use.