Sweet and soft with charismatic crunch



Wombok absorbs flavours during cooking - it's equally at home in a spicy meat dish or a delicate stir fry.

This delicate, dainty looking Cabbage is intriguingly complex in character. Also known as Chinese Cabbage, the Wombok’s dynamic combination of flavours and textures will keep you coming back for more. Leaves with a hint of pepper, offset by the juicy sweetness of thick, white ribs. It’s time to put those hunger pangs to rest!


Appealingly sweet yet always mild with a crunchy texture that leans towards tender succulence.


When stored in your fridge crisper your Wombok will last up to three weeks.

Health Benefits

A great source of dietary fibre for a happy, healthy digestive system. Also packed with vitamin C for a healthy immune system.

Picking Perfection

It should feel heavy for its size, with crisp leaves and not a blemish in sight.