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Look for fresh autumn fruits and vegetables such as Scarlotta seedless® red grapes, baby fennel, baby endive, Vine Sweet Minicaps®, Il Bello Rosso® baby red capsicums and more.

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Pomegranates have a sweet, yet tart flavour with raspberry, blackcurrant and grape undertones. Choose smooth, large fruit that is heavy for its size - a sure sign it is full of juicy arils.

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Barbecue Chicken & Sweet Mini Cap Tostadas

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Broccolini® Baby Broccoli

A cross between broccoli and Chinese kale, Broccolini® baby broccoli combines an asparagus-like stem with tiny buds reminiscent of a mini broccoli head. Broccolini® baby broccoli is an entirely edible, no-waste vegie which can eaten from tip to stem. Ultimately versatile, it suits all cuisine styles.


Fresh pomegranates are large, round, ruby-red fruits with a distinctive crown-shaped stem. They are packed with hundreds of edible seeds called arils. Each aril is encased in a sac of sweet-sharp juice and packed with nutritional goodness. The arils can be removed and eaten fresh, juiced or added whole to wide variety of dishes.

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Perfection Fresh launches a new range of iLove Fruit into selected NSW Woolworths stores.


Hatters Kohl Rabi and Coloured Carrots launched into Coles stores for summer. Visit for recipes

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