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Delicious and small, white-fleshed Flat peaches have an unusually flat shape where the fruit blooms out from the sides. They are sweeter than other peaches with almond overtones.

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Peach & Prawn Cocktail

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Tomato Medley

The riot of colourful tomatoes in the Tomato Medley punnet is ideal for summer entertaining. Either served as a side or as a snack the array of colours is sure to grab attention. The tomato varieties bring a combination of flavours and textures to create a perfectly balanced combination. Tomatoes are packed with antioxidants and are naturally low in energy, kilojoules, calories, fat and sugars. Impress your friends and family with the Gateaux of Glasshouse tomatoes – no cooking required!

Baby Qukes

Qukes®baby snacking cucumbers are full of flavour and perfectly sized for all occasions. With a mild crispy skin and a refreshing crunch qukes are nature’s natural hydrator. Ideal for summer entertaining, and perfect for snacking on the run. They are a source of folate, fibre and Vitamin C

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Perfection Fresh launches a new range of iLove Fruit into selected NSW Woolworths stores.


Hatters Kohl Rabi and Coloured Carrots launched into Coles stores for summer. Visit for recipes

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