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In season for Autumn

Look for fresh winter fruits and vegetables such as Tuscan cabbage, celeriac, Minicab® baby green cabbage, baby brussels sprouts, globe artichokes and Treviso™ radicchio lettuce.

In Store

Broccolini® Baby Broccoli has a mild flavour and slightly peppery taste, that gets sweeter when cooked. Don't be tricked by copycat brands, look for the Broccolini tag when shopping.

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Endive, La Bella Figura® Fig and Prosciutto Salad

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Vine Sweet Minicaps®

These pretty orange, red and yellow coloured capsicums measure between five and seven centimetres and are beautifully sweet and crunchy. Their bright colours are wonderful for presentation.Vine-ripening under the sun enhances the mildly sweet flavour of Vine Sweet Minicaps®.

Baby Brussels Sprouts

Baby Brussels sprouts have been specially bred for their size and shape and are about half the size of their regular cousins. Tender baby Brussels sprouts have a mild, sweet cabbage flavour. The smallest Brussels sprouts are the most flavoursome.

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Perfections Fresh launches a brand new healthy snack range just for YOU!

The YOU range is all about, YOU. It's a new healthy snacking range, ideal for lunches, eating on the run and whenever the munchies hit. Read more>

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