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Celebrate the best produce of the season and let your senses bloom by indulging in spring flavours such as Broccolini® baby broccoli, Dutch carrots, Baby endive, Wombok, Blueberries and Qukes® Baby Snacking Cucumbers.

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Also known as Chinese cabbage, wombok is very sweet and can be eaten raw, just like lettuce. Its leaves are thinner and softer than cabbage and are naturally curly.

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Tomato, Bocconcini & Pomegranate Salad with Barbecue Lamb

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Dutch Carrots

Delicate and distinctly slender orange Dutch carrots are about 5-8cm long. A few centimetres of trimmed stalk remains intact - ideal for presentation. A versatile root vegie, Dutch carrots offer wide gourmet options for maxium taste, texture and plate appeal.

Baby Endive

A fine-leafed variety of endive, Baby Endive is also sometimes known as frisee. Its leaves curl and wilt quickly when cooked. It has a slightly bitter flavour that complements other salad greens beautifully, and is appreciated for its delicate sharpness which balances sweeter greens in salads and adds punch to cooked dishes.

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Perfection Fresh launches a new range of iLove Fruit into selected NSW Woolworths stores.


Hatters Kohl Rabi and Coloured Carrots launched into Coles stores for summer. Visit for recipes

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