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Perfection Two Wells Glasshouse

The largest & most environmentally conscious of its kind in Australia.

Perfection Two Wells is located in South Australia less than an hour North of Adelaide. This state-of-the-art sustainable glasshouse facility, built over five stages, is the largest of its type in the southern hemisphere, spanning 43 hectares. We are continuously trialling new and improved varieties at Perfection Two Wells with dedicated trial crop houses one of which is under lights to enhace growing conditions. The glasshouse operates on a fully self-sufficient water system. For every 10mm of rain that falls, 4 million litres of water is collected and stored for irrigation. We generate our own electricity for the entire site, using the heat generated from this process to help control the temperature inside the glasshouse and we recycle the CO2 produced to help increase plant growth.

Produce Grown At Two Wells

A medley of red, yellow, brown and green tomatoes. A rainbow of sensational sweetness.

Growers of Two Wells Glasshouse

Meet our passionate growers at Two Wells

At each of our farms across the country we’ve established our own growing facilities and have partnered with Australia’s finest growers so that our produce is always farm fresh and flavour perfect all year round.

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