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Perfection Berries Bundaberg

Blueberries grown in the warm winters of Bundaberg in Queensland.

At Perfection Bundaberg, Queensland, we have transformed an old mango farm into a flowering blueberry orchard spanning over the site, all grown under protected tunnels to ensure we deliver the best quality fruit. Bundaberg's warm climate and significant rainfall throughout the year make it an ideal location to farm Perfection Blueberries. Did you know? Bees fly into the tunnels to naturally pollinate the plants, we also have bees hives on site to help mother nature do her work.

Produce Grown At Bundaberg

Fresh, tangy and deliciously sweet. Did you know Blueberries are one of the only foods that are naturally blue?

Growers of Bundaberg

Meet our passionate growers at Bundaberg

At each of our farms across the country we’ve established our own growing facilities and have partnered with Australia’s finest growers so that our produce is always farm fresh and flavour perfect all year round.

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