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Perfection Berries Caboolture

Berries grown in Queensland in ideal conditions to deliver the best quality raspberries and blueberries

Spanning over an expansive site in Caboolture, Queensland, the farm grows and develops our world leading proprietary varieties of Blueberries and Raspberries. ON site there is a purpose built Tissue Culture Laboratory used for developing and propagating exclusive varieties. In order to deliver the best berries we grow fruit in tunnels, which are designed to protect the crop from weather elements whilst allowing air to circulate freely and keeps the environment warmer in the cooler months.

Produce Grown At Caboolture

Lusciously soft with a sweet zing. Our exclusive variety of Raspberries are like no other.

Growers Of Caboolture

Meet our passionate growers at Caboolture

At each of our farms across the country we’ve established our own growing facilities and have partnered with Australia’s finest growers so that our produce is always farm fresh and flavour perfect all year round.

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