3 kid snack recipes with Qukes® baby cucumbers

December 22, 2021

Qukes® are a unique variety of cucumbers that are grown to be mini. They are extra crunchy with a crisp, mild skin that’s offset by a refreshing, cleansing flavour. Their mini size makes them the perfect size for kids of all ages. They also don’t require any prep – just rinse and serve. No need to peel the skin.

They are also a great source of folate for healthy cells, as well as fibre and vitamin C.

Qukes® baby cucumbers are delicious as is, however, they can also be turned into delicious snacks that kids would ask for again and again! The following recipes are great as a snack, to pop into a school lunchbox, or as a post school treat.

Qukes® Sushi with Avocado

These adorable sushi rolls made with cucumbers and avocado are the ideal quick to prepare snack. Just 10 minutes of prep required, plus no cooking! They would be great for a lunchbox treat or served at a birthday party.

Find the recipe for Qukes® Sushi with Avocado here. 

Sushi rolls with Qukes baby cucumbers and avocado in a plate.

Qukes® and Apple Donuts

Another recipe that’s super easy to prepare. Core and slice two apples. Top with your favourite spread. Ours is cookie butter, however, you can use cream cheese, peanut butter or chocolate hazelnut. Or do a variety! Top with sliced Qukes® and toasted sesame seeds, and serve.

Find the recipe for Qukes® and Apple Donuts here. 

Sliced apple rings topped with sliced Qukes baby cucumbers laid out on a plate.

Qukes® Schnitty

Now this recipe requires cooking, but only 3 minutes worth so still super easy to prepare. It’s a crunchy twist to the classic schnitty. Spread cream cheese on the outside of a Qukes® baby cucumber, and roll in toasted crumbs and grated cheese. Serve with tomato salsa. This crispy, crunchy and cheesy recipe will disappear in minutes!

Find the recipe for Qukes® Schnitty here. 

Qukes baby cucumbers rolled in bread crumbs laid out on a plate.

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3 kid snack recipes with Qukes® baby cucumbers

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3 kid snack recipes with Qukes® baby cucumbers

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